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Dear Patriotic Members and Friends:

The Washington Crossing will be celebrating 50 years of the National Scholarship Competition in 2020. As you now renew your membership, we ask that you make an extra effort this year on our behalf. Your tax deductible contribution is more important than ever for the work of the Foundation to continue! Please consider making a special contribution to our Annual Giving Campaign.

More than two hundred veterans, many children and George Washington joined in our patriotic birthday party!

Several hundred scholarship recipients, from all 50 states across the country, have benefited from our scholarship program and continue to be patriotic leaders of our country.

If you have never officially been a member, won't you consider joining us in the coming year? If you are a member, won’t you try to find one or two other people to join us in our work?

Thank you for your support.

Kate Hutton Tweedy
Volunteer Board of Trustees

Total amount of scholarships awarded by the Washington Crossing Foundation throughout the years to patriotic young people dedicated to government service exceeds:


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