To assist candidates for our National Scholarship Awards, the Foundation also makes available a portable, printer-ready version of all of the information students should require to prepare and submit a competitive application.

Please note that downloading the three-page .PDF file is entirely OPTIONAL. All of the information it contains—program overview, details of available award, and the official rules governing the competition—are presented identically and in their entirety on the pages contained on this web site.

Some candidates may find it desirable to have a stand-alone copy of information about the Scholarship Competition residing on their local computer even when off-line. Guidance Counselors, Principals, and others wishing to promote the Program might utilize the .PDF as a standard email attachment. In addition, a compact two-pages when printed, the file is optimized for public posting or distribution. Click below to open the file.

Click a logo to download a copy of the Rules and Application for the
WCF National Scholarship Awards.

Click this logo to download
 an MS WORD.DOC version

Click this logo to download
 an ACROBAT PDF version

Make sure you click [File], [Save As] on the menu when the
file opens and store the file on your computer where you can find it !